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Case Support Project

Work to build relationships with local and foreign organizations and government institutions, the Case Support team diligently works to find Cambodian nationals who have been trafficked across borders, bring them home, and then identify local government and NGO partners to get them the help they need based on the unique circumstances of each survivor.

  • Identify, remove and restore survivors.
  • Ensure survivors are safe, have access to restoration services and legal justice.
  • Formulate a referral system for repatriation services to create an international platform by linking authorities in Cambodia and in foreign countries (such as Cambodian Embassies) to enable survivors of human trafficking to return to Cambodia.  To date, 600 survivors from foreign countries have been supported and successfully returned back to Cambodian for repatriation through the referral system.

Resource Center Project 

Disrupt the cycle of tracking persons in the Middle East and North Africa and see restoration and repatriation of previously trafficked persons through efforts that advance policy, research, planning key prevention, victim protection and sustainable restoration programs.  

  • Build a resource center for trafficked women to gather together to heal,  create community and learn self care.  The stigma of any trafficked person is worthless, cannot regain their dignity and are not welcomed back into their families or communities.  
  • Train the shelter staff in the psychological, social, physical, and spiritual needs of survivors.
  • Hold community outreaches to help vulnerable families to identify and prevent child marriage and exploitation.